EDULEARN15 – When education innovation becomes standard: a process-oriented approach towards an educational standard for technical students

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Innovation is the driving force of human improvement. This is also true when it comes to education. Novel practices, tools, technologies as well as innovative ideas and materials trigger a constant improvement of teaching and learning having or not significant long-term effects in mind. The knowledge about innovation has changed the educational landscape, especially since the criteria for educational standard have seemed to become a Cinderella topic in this particular context.

In this paper, we aim at shedding some light on this peculiar issue by describing a process-oriented approach towards an educational standard for technical students. This approach covers two main points which should ensure sustainability in terms of teaching and learning practices. Firstly, innovation in education needs both devoted supporters and early adapters in order to successfully promote the way to standardization. Secondly, new teaching and learning approaches have to be constantly improved and applied in class in order to draw conclusions which pave the way towards an effective educational standard, including professional growth and learning practices. Our approach is one example of what professional practice looks like when supporting educators and learners as they develop.


Title: EDULEARN 2015 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-84-606-8243-1

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