ICEEE13 – Automatic test-based assignment and subsequent automatic assessment in e-Learning an empirical study of two courses (part-time and full-time course)

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The field of eLearning and distance education is very complex and technology is changing very fast.

To keep up with new technologies, we are permanently developing new tools and evaluating new possibilities to improve our courses. Our students are provided with our own e-Learning platform called eNcephalon. Since summer term 2013, our newest feature, an automated test-based assessment module is tested at the parttime study degree program “Software Design”.

As the main features have been tested the term before under laboratory conditions, the field test proved the expected results and furthermore identified some issues which were not recognized during the lab tests.

This paper describes a field test during the lecture “Configuration-management” and the improvements for both, students and lecturers.


ISBN: 978-1-4673-5093-8

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