ICERI14 – Automatic test-based assignment and semi-automatic assessment as a student support in education

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The possibilities of using e-Learning and blended learning effectively and application-oriented   in class has been an on-going process ever since. New „technology enhanced learning“ alternatives are therefore emerging rapidly. To keep up with this trend, we are permanently developing new tools and evaluating new possibilities to improve our courses.

Our students are provided with our own e-Learning platform called eNcephalon. Since summer term 2013 an automated test-based assessment module has been introduced in the part-time bachelor degree programme “Software Design” and the full-time bachelor degree programme „Internet Technology“.

As the main features – such as naming conventions, basic content comparison and black box testing – have been tested successfully under laboratory conditions, the field test during summer term 2013 validated the expected results and furthermore identified some issues which were not anticipated during the lab tests. These issues are mainly derived from didactic aspects of assessment and the question of how students manage exercises.

The paper at hand describes a second field test with focus on the integration of didactic aspects in order to increase the acceptance of automatic assignments.  It also compares the initial situation of summer term 2013 with the current summer term 2014 based on the course “Configuration Management”.  Finally, this paper provides a recommendation on how to deal with automatic test-based assignments from the pedagogical point of view.

Title: ICERI 2014 Abstracts
ISBN: 978-84-617-2485-7

Title: ICERI 2014 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-84-617-2484-0

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