ICL12 – eLearning in the Cloud – benefits, costs and reasons for a cloud migration

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The topic elearning – especially when combined with cloud computing and scalability – is a wide spread area which covers different research fields.

The department of Internet Technology at the FH JOANNEUM has a huge expertise in developing and using elearning systems since 2004. In that year, the department started their first online courses at one of their degree programmes.

Today, distance learning is used at two bachelor degree programmes and two master degree programmes.

While the number of students using the elearning platform has increased from 200 users to more than 2000 users over the last eight years while the server hardware has only been replaced at malfunctions and the usage of more performant hardware (except storage and memory) was hardly necessary.

This paper shows that the usage of cloud based server environments instead of self-hosted servers can help to reduce costs and the scalability helps to improve the performance.

While conventional lectures are held between monday and thursday, most of the online courses are held on friday and saturday which can also be seen at the performance logs of the elearning servers.

ISBN: 978-1-4673-2426-7

IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1223R-USB