INTED15 – using games and tools to motivate part-time students in blended learning environments and increase their overall performance

Co-Autor / Paper The use of games and edutainment in order to increase the motivation of students is nowadays very common. It has been done for some years in high schools, undergraduate programs and even in programs for graduates. When it comes to part-time studies with a blended learning rate with more than fifty percent, … Weiterlesen

ICERI14 – Automatic test-based assignment and semi-automatic assessment as a student support in education

Autor / Paper The possibilities of using e-Learning and blended learning effectively and application-oriented   in class has been an on-going process ever since. New „technology enhanced learning“ alternatives are therefore emerging rapidly. To keep up with this trend, we are permanently developing new tools and evaluating new possibilities to improve our courses. Our students are … Weiterlesen


Aus Interesse habe ich die beiden Zertifizierungen CompTIA A+ sowie CompTIA Cloud Essentials abgelegt. Insbesondere die CompTIA A+ Zeritfizierung finde ich für Personen interessant, die Ihre grundlegenden IT Support Kenntnisse in Form einer Zertifizierung nachweisen wollen.

EDULEARN14 – the human body in the virtual world – a missing part of a perfect online learning communication

Autor / Paper The body and the behavior/movement of the partners within a communication are important in all kinds of communication. Body language is vital for lecturers to gather information about the current level of attentiveness of the audience. Voice and text communication are the main techniques used in online learning environments. Webcams or other … Weiterlesen

Hochschuldidaktische Weiterbildung

Ich absolvierte die Hochschuldidaktische Weiterbildung an der FH JOANNEUM im Ausmaß von 2 Semester. Durch intensive Workshop-Tage, Distance Learning Einheiten sowie durch Hospitation fremden Unterrichts und des eigenen Unterrichts war es mir möglich meine Kenntnisse in der Hochschuldidaktik weiter zu vertiefen. Weitere Bestandteile der Hochschuldidaktischen Weiterbildung waren unter anderem Unterrichtsplanung, Unterrichtsgestaltung, praktische Übungen zu verschiedenen … Weiterlesen

ICEEE13 – Automatic test-based assignment and subsequent automatic assessment in e-Learning an empirical study of two courses (part-time and full-time course)

Autor / Paper The field of eLearning and distance education is very complex and technology is changing very fast. To keep up with new technologies, we are permanently developing new tools and evaluating new possibilities to improve our courses. Our students are provided with our own e-Learning platform called eNcephalon. Since summer term 2013, our … Weiterlesen

ICL12 – eLearning in the Cloud – benefits, costs and reasons for a cloud migration

Autor / Paper The topic elearning – especially when combined with cloud computing and scalability – is a wide spread area which covers different research fields. The department of Internet Technology at the FH JOANNEUM has a huge expertise in developing and using elearning systems since 2004. In that year, the department started their first … Weiterlesen